Tour (detail)


【 Price】

Price (per group)
March 2017: 15,000 yen (Promotional price)
April 2017 and after: 25,000 yen

Maximum number per party is 10 people


Cash Only Please pay by cash at the meeting point. We don’t accept credit card.

【Date and time】
March 2017: 15th (Wed), 17th (Fri), 27th (Wed),
April 2017 and after: Every Wednesday
Start at 10:00, finish at 12:30

【 Meeting place】

The entrance of Ryukoku Museum. 〈Meet here at 10:00 AM〉

【 How to reserve】

Please look “Reservation”.


・Two and a half-hours duration and approximately 1 km of walking. Please come dressed comfortably.

・You may have to take off your shoes in certain areas.

・In the case of bad weather the tour may have to be canceled. When that happens, we will contact you before 8 AM on the day of the tour.

・Destination and route may slightly vary depending on weather, planning adjustments, etc.

OBOUSANPO Kyoto Walking Tour by Buddhist Priest