Welcome to the town of Buddhism: Kyoto. Monzen-machi, a temple town of Nishi-hongwanji, is the most wonderful place to feel the essence of Buddhism in Kyoto. The true value of Kyoto exists not only in major historic spots and religious sites, but also in the surrounding areas including smaller, less-known streets where the locals live and work.. Unfortunately, many visitors often pass through these areas not aware of its cultural and historical significance. But now, you don’t have to miss it! An “obo-san,” which means Buddhist priest, will take you on an “Obo-sanpo,” a walking tour through Monzen-machi. The tour consists of a leisurely walk around the town experiencing along the way, some Buddhist practices that are normally done at a temple. Your private guide is a real Buddhist priest, and all explanations and interpretations are given from a Buddhist perspective.

Through Obo-sanpo, you can experience a sense of the heart and mind of the Japanese people, many customs of which take root in Buddhism, such as the thought of “arigatou” (thank you) and “okagesamade” (thanks to you and everyone). You might also be able to discover a new part of yourself during the tour!


Why Obo-sanpo?

– Your guide is a real Buddhist priest!

– You can freely talk with a priest in person!

– The tour is operated exclusively for a small private group and it is rather flexible with the itinerary and time duration.


OBOUSANPO Kyoto Walking Tour by Buddhist Priest